All About Jackpots

The bevy of traditional and online casinos springing up all over the country has introduced enthusiastic gamblers to a number of new games. While some players prefer card games like blackjack or poker and others prefer table games like roulette, there are many people who go to casinos solely to play the slots. In recent years, jackpot slots have become increasingly popular, due to their potential for big payouts.

Minimal Upfront Investment

One of the basic appeals of these jackpot games is that they are almost free upfront. Unlike high-stakes card games, which often require some kind of buy-in or upfront wager, slots require minimal investment; and sometimes no investment at all, aside from the percentage taken by the casino from a player's winnings. Despite this small investment, however, the games still hold the potential for major profit.

Two Main Types

Jackpot slots fall into two basic categories. The first is a "lump sum" jackpot slot, which allows players to accept their winnings from a specific period of time as one large payout, of which the casino itself takes a percentage. The other type of jackpot slot option allows players to spread their payments out across a longer period of time, fashioning them into a kind of supplemental long-term income. Some casinos also offer the option of spreading payments out amongst different individuals, if a group of people played online jackpot slots together.

The most popular kind of slots are of the lump sum variety, since these offer the potential for larger individual payouts. The popularity of these slots also increases and decreases in accordance with the overall value of the jackpots itself.

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