Traditional vs Online Slots

With online gambling exploding in popularity, fans of almost any casino game can now find its counterpart online. However, some of these online games differ in significant ways from their real world inspirations. Online slots games, for instance, take the lever-pulling, reel-spinning slots of Vegas and Monte Carlo and deliver an interactive animated experience.

Random Number Generators

Traditional slots games were complex mechanisms using a lever to release spinning drums that would lock into place on random symbols. If those symbols matched up in a particular way, the drums would release a catch that would dump coins into a tray, making the player a winner. Today's online slots games have replaced those spinning drums with more elegant electric random number generator. Now, with the click of a button, players are treated to the images of spinning reels, but in reality, a computer program generates the results, allowing casinos to dispense winnings even more often.

Cinematic Reels

Another innovation with online slots games is the exciting cinematic reel. When the random number generator is triggered to start the game, players can either watch animated reels spin and anticipate what the outcome will be, or they can be treated to video clips and exciting animation while they wait. Many of the themed slots games offered by casinos allow for more cinematic reels, showing clips of blockbuster movies before each winner is generated.

Online slots games still produce all the thrill and excitement of traditional slots, but they are capable of offering so much more. With so much room for innovation, players can anticipate even more new twists on the traditional game in the future.