Game Sequels in Slots

Sequels are not just for movies and novels anymore. Many online casinos have become capitalizing on their most popular slots games, introducing special sequel games. These sequels use cinematic and literary techniques to further develop story lines in favorite slots games, and they're attracting more players than ever before.

Movie Inspirations

Like their original versions, several of these slots sequels are inspired directly by various movies. There are games that parallel the sequence of their movie inspirations. For instance, when the first Spider Man movie came out, software company Cryptologic released a very popular slots game in conjunction. The game featured images from the movies and even had some movie clips hidden in the bonus spins. Following the second movie, Cryptologic released their own sequel, allowing players to remain invested in the characters with whom they were already familiar.

Standalone Slots

Cryptologic is also using the sequels concept to develop follow-up games to their own wildly successful standalone slots games. Some of the games issued in the companies earliest days are beginning to seem outdated, with old graphics, no animations, and midi-based sounds. Several of those games are getting their own reboots and sequels with designers breathing new life into these old games. New graphics and cutting edge technologies make the old games feel new again.

By creating sequels, casino software developers are able to reuse old inspirations and attract entirely new audiences. Instead of trashing the oldest games, they are revitalized, and a whole new generation of online gamers are able to experience the inspired stories of classic slots games.