Bonus Games in Slots

Players who really want to get the most from their slot machine endeavors often look for games that offer extra payouts via bonus games. These range in type from the simple to the complex, but each offers players a brand new way to win.

Triggering a Bonus Game

The first step in earning more money with bonus games is triggering the bonus game in the first place. This is traditionally done by either accumulating a certain number of symbol matches over a period of time or successfully lining up the bonus symbols that are provided by the game. Once this has occurred, the screen changes and the player is taken to another location that provides them with a bonus game of some sort.

Robot Butler

Robot Butler by Microgaming is arguably one of the most popular slot machines featuring bonus games in history. The player will be required to trigger the bonus game by matching the designated symbols. Once the bonus round starts, the player will be asked to select from three items: a key, a pipe and a newspaper. The butler will then retrieve the item for the player and one of two things will ensue; the player will win bonus money if they have guessed correctly, or the bonus round ends if they have guessed incorrectly.

Free Spins

The most common type of bonus game associated with slot machines is free spins. A great example is Hockey Hero by RTG gaming that actually provides players who are performing poorly with free spins! Players will only receive a payout if they can successfully win 10 times the original bet amount in the bonus round, however. Though this may be difficult to achieve, the prospect is extremely popular and is being incorporated into dozens of different slots.

Players who are looking to get more from their slots games should find those machines that offer bonus rounds, whether for succeeding or failing in their endeavors. All of these games provide an exciting twist on some of the world's most-loved slots.